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Noise Control Products

Acoustic Enclosure for DG SetsThe Acoustic Enclosure is modular, Cap on type (without base) & Noise shielding construction; the panel construction can be dismantled and re-erected. The acoustic Enclosure designed to fulfill site requirement i.e. Easy open able from any side for maintenance purpose, proper air circulation in covered area, Vision panel & lighting inside the Enclosure, hinge type door of required size, doors are fitted with Neoprene Gasket to block noise leakage from gap & spring loaded lock, open able from both side.
  • Engineered to Perfection – field tested under all types of conditions and Noise Standards.
  • Clean – built-in silenced ductwork eliminates noise, dust and dirt. Optional cam-lift style door provides superior dust and noise seal.
  • Rugged, heavy gauge steel walls are many times stronger than traditional in-plant offices and are easily able to resist abuse from errant tools, forklifts, steel-toed shoes, etc. To allow the maximum aspiration and cooling airflow
  • required so as engine does not overheat. With Acoustic louvers, Splitter and Baffles to suppress the noise where required.
  • With outer walls generally consist of 1.6-2 mm thickness of CRCA steel sheeting.
  • To meet client requirements with Rockwool covered with GI perforated sheet as lining material
  • Customized in dimensions with various width panels and components available, virtually any size or configuration can be customized to the specific requirement.

Noise Test Booth

We offer on line testing booth to test each & every piece of product. These booths are designed with perfection, accuracy & new technology. The primary function of this booth is to control the shop floor noise and increase the accuracy of intensity measurement by reducing sound reflections. These booths are also use to find out defect in the product by using noise analysis method.

Both sliding doors (material inlet & outlet) are automatic & synchronize with test panel, no need to pull / push material manually.

Assembly Line Noise Test Chamber
These are widely used in automotive sector, air-conditioner manufacturing units, Refrigeration units, fan , motor & compressors manufacturing units, speaker and sound purity testing etc. to find out actual noise of test piece & also to find outdefects in products by using noise analysis method. We offer on line & off line noise testing booth to test each & every piece of product. These booths are designed with perfection, accuracy & new technology. The primary function of this booth is to control the ambient noise and increase the accuracy of intensity measurement by reducing sound reflections.

Salient Features:-

  1. OUTER ENVELOP: - The panel construction consists of sheet laminated, offers the advantages of high shielding performance & durability.
  2. VISION PANELS: - Sound proof Glass vision panels
  3. LIGHTING ARRANGEMENT: - electrical wiring & Switch board, Electric point for Air-conditioning unit etc.
  4. AUTOMATIC WINDOW OPENER: - The Controller Card is so designed, such that in the event of testing the windows shall remain closed and would open automatically during the non testing period. The operation shall be linked with your testing machine.
  5. SLIDING DOOR: - Doors are motorised and synchronize with controller card
  6. TEMPERATURE CONTROL: - Fitted Air conditioning unit.

Soundproof FoamWe offer the complete range of soundproof foam for your various noise control requirements. Its an easy and cost effective way of controlling noise and can be done very quickly. Please note that soundproof foam is not fire retardant.

For total sound control, it is also necessary to control the flow of air in and out of the room. Sheet rock walls, ceilings, and floors should be further insulated with 6mm. Soundproof foam is best applied to your walls and surfaces with a heavy staple gun or our adhesive spray. Remember, most acoustic sheets larger than 82" x 96" will have seams. During the vacuum packing process (for shipping) these seams can open. It is recommended that you purchase a can of foam glue to mend any seams that may have ripped during shipping.

Soundproof CurtainsWe design the Soundproof Curtains to provide a degree of sound absorption within the space in which they are used. Noise levels can be typically reduced by as much as 20 dB-A with a properly designed soundproof curtains enclosure Often used in performing arts spaces they not only provide a variable soundproof environment for different applications but control excessive reverberation in halls with very reflective surfaces.

All material is chemically treated to create a DFR (Durably Flame Retardant) fabric that will withstand a number of dry cleanings. This meets the requirements of BS5867: Part 2: B which is the British Standard for flame retardant fabrics used for the manufacture of curtains.

The degree of sound absorption of acoustic curtain depends on the weight of the fabric used, the depth between the soundproof curtain and the wall and the degree of pleating.
Soundproof RoomWe offer Soundproof Treatment for DG Room. The noise is controlled by providing soundproof lining on walls and ceiling, all ordinary doors / shutters are to be converted in to soundproof doors. The proper air ventilation system should be designed to allow the maximum aspiration and cooling airflow required so the engine does not overheat. Axial flow fan of required size & numbers should be provided for proper air ventilation. Acoustic louvers, splitter & Insulated ducts are provided to suppress the noise where required.
Soundproof  EnclosureWe design Soundproof Enclosure to control noise levels of engine driven sets, compressor, and pump systems. The performance of our soundproof enclosure will reduce the equipment's noise level to75 dB(A) or less, 3 feet from the enclosure and 5 feet above grade level. Enclosures can be custom designed to reduce equipment noise to 50 dB(A) at 5 feet.

We design soundproof enclosure in such a way that reduces noise and meets the ISO 14001 norms of environment. All soundproof enclosures are manufactured to prevent the excessive noise level and its dire effects on the workers. In this regard we use various techniques & properties for noise control.

As per client's requirement, we design and manufacture customized acoustic enclosure, inbuilt with acoustic normal door, vertical sliding door on front side with view panels, hinged doors with neoprene gaskets on sides & rear, soundproof glass window (vision panel) of 8 mm thick toughened glass, perfectly guided (by grooved pulley) for smooth friction less operation, operated by pneumatic cylinders with open and closed end limit switches and control, proper air circulation ( arrangement of axial flow fans), bolted up panels for easy maintenance access, wire mess (3 mm) on the roof, panel external sheet 2.0 mm CRCA sheet, inner side 1.0 mm perforated sheet, 100 mm cavity having filling soundproof material.

To achieve the desired dB (A) level we use the various range & property of panels by using the insulated and sound dampening material. Inbuilt attenuated air intakes, sliding or hinge type door and acoustic louver for hot air discharge increase the performance of enclosure. All dismantle parts of soundproof enclosure are power-coated and finally installed by our execution tem at site.

Our soundproof enclosure offers following benefits:
  • A simple and cost effective solution for noise reduction up to 30dB (A)
  • Full installation service
  • Vibration isolation, shock-resistant systems
  • Glazed viewing panels & internal lighting
  • Enclosures can be used as modular control rooms, quiet rooms at factory & offices

Soundproof Windows
  • » Soundproof windows can be manufactured for any size and shape
  • » Readily incorporated into IAC modular structures/conventional buildings

  • Application of Soundproof Windows

    » Factory offices
    » Factory enclosures
    » TV studios
    » Audiometric rooms
    » Test cells
    » Translation booths
    » Music practice rooms
    » Hotels
    » Offices

    Acoustic Performance

    » STC Ratings from 35 to over 60
    » Noise Reduction (NIC) of 30-90db

    Glazing Options

    • » Laminated safety glass
    • » One-way vision mirror
    • » Soundproof windows can be bullet resistant too
    • » Polycarbonate
    • » Non-reflective, heat resistant
    • » Our soundproof windows are available in srrong, durable metal frames (aluminium or stainless/galvanised steel) with proven, reliable     acoustic seals
    • » Outstanding laboratory-tested acoustic performance
    • » Factory assembled for rapid, simple installation
    • » Available in almost any size/shape
    • » Designed to fit any wall thickness
    • » Soundproof windows integrate with any construction system, including drywall/stud partitions, concrete and     masonry
    • » BS EN ASO 9901 quality registered

    Movable Acoustic PartitionWe are committed to making your space work harder and offer a comprehensive range of sliding folding partition systems to exactly fit you and your requirement. During the initial consultation we will determine various issues including but not limited to: Level of sound reduction (acoustic performance), whether the system should be top hung or floor supported and also what finishes are available.
    Anechoic Chamber

    The development and evolution has taken place in the design and construction of acoustic test facilities. Today Envirotech Systems provides the most advanced design and high performance anechoic chamber, semi anechoic chamber, hemi anechoic chamber, portable anechoic chambers & engine test chamber acoustic.

    The effectiveness of an anechoic chamber is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed Engine test anechoic chamber provides better than 80dB rejection from 20 kHz down to 80Hz, which is excellent in term of performance for a medium-sized chamber.

    Acoustic Louvers

    Acoustic louvers are used to prevent noise breakout from an air inlet or outlet of a plant room, building or enclosure while allowing ventilation air transfer. They have varying acoustic performance depending on the type of aerodynamically designed blades is used and the depth of the acoustic louver demanded by the design.

    Audiometric  Booth
    The Audiometric testing booths are used for hearing conservation and mobile testing vehicles and are offered with a range of acoustical performance levels, variations in floor plans and numerous options for industrial, military, educational, governmental and medical applications.

    Outstanding Performance
    The Audiometric Booth has been specially engineered with features that maximize performance; double acoustic window, continuous magnetic seal on the access door, and silenced ventilation. The wall construction system ensures long-term acoustic integrity.

    Thermal Insulated Enclosures
    Noise Barrier
    Absorptive / Reflective Noise Barrier :

    Sound absorptive surfaces reduce reverberant build-up between parallel barriers and other reflective surfaces and increase the ability of barriers to attenuate noise.

    The absorptive face consists of a black breathable membrane, 25 x 25 black weldmesh and 17 vertical chamfered timber trims per 2.4 metre bay. A five vertical trim finish is a more economical option where blending with the environment is not so crucial and a tough industrial face can be offered with heavy galvanised weldmesh.

    In sensitive residential areas, where planning / conservation constraints are strict, the absorptive face may be finished with willow / hazel woven hurdles or thin vertical feather edged pales. This type of finish reduces the absorptive performance of the barrier slightly but there is a slight gain in the airborne insulation.

    Portable Cabin
    Acoustic Baffle
    Soundproof Booth
    Studio Acoustic
    Soundproof Door

    ESPL Sliding Soundproof Door allow access in buildings where space is at a premium or access is challenging, without compromise to acoustic performance. We design Soundproof Sliding Door that offer our customers a total solution for their application needs. Our designs offer combinations of features to suit the application including:

    • Our Soundproof doors lead to reduction up to 56dB(A).
    • Fire rating; and insulation and span from small hatch-type.
    • Personnel access up to very large doors in excess of 15m wide.
    • Specialist door drives.
    • Control and seal systems.

    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
    Noise Control
    Acoustic panel


    A. Prefabricated modular acoustical structures, barriers, enclosures, etc., shall be designed using Acoustical Panels and Components. We have a complete pre-engineered system of components available including wall and roof panels, window panels, doors, joiners and assembly components as required to construct a complete system as designed.

    B. Panels and components shall be supplied in ready to use modules manufactured by Envirotech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida (India).


    A. The completed structure shall be modular and demountable. All panel connections shall allow easy disassembly and reassembly with no degradation of acoustical or mechanical performance. All components of like function and size shall be interchangeable.


    A. In general panels shall be 2”, 4” or 6” thick as required for the specific application in special case, of a double wall insulated unit construction consisting of a solid exterior face sheet, a perforated interior face sheet with the space between filled with acoustical sound absorbing material.

    B. Steel Materials: All steel used in the panel construction shall be galvanized coated. Standard panels are electro-galvanized (EG) and may be painted without chemical wash. G-90 hot dipped galvanized is available as an option.

    C. Perforated Panel Face: Shall be 22 gauge G.I. Sheet steel perforated to an effective open area of 33% using 0.093” diameter holes on .156” staggered centers.

    D. Panel Fill: Prior to attaching the second panel skin, the panel shall be filled with sound absorbing material without voids. The fill shall be slightly oversized and will not sag when the panel is complete and oriented in its intended design configuration.

    4. FINISH

    A. All components may be supplied either unpainted in EG or factory finished using manufacturer’s standard paint coating systems.

    B. When factory painting is required all components shall be properly cleaned and degreased, and be free of blemishes prior to applying the coating system.

    Acoustic Consultancy

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