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Acoustic Louvres

HS Engineers design & manufacture best quality, Aerodynamically design Acoustic Louvres.

Acoustic Louvres are used when a machine moving large volumes of air in or out of a building or large plant room creates noise and the space is restricted.

An acoustic louvre will assist with ventilation and noise control. An Acoustic Louvre can be an unobtrusive weatherproof barrier and form part of the architectural feature of a building. We can design acoustic louvres to suit your machinery and provide on site measurement and fitting to solve most industrial noise problem

Acoustic Louvre Applications

  • Cooling towers
  • Generator Rooms
  • Workshop floor
  • Blower Rooms
  • Compressor Rooms
  • ID/FD Fan Rooms
  • Turbine Rooms
  • Processing plants
  • Plant rooms
  • Refrigeration machinery
  • Large machinery enclosures
  • Underground or enclosed car parks